Making those coils last….

One of the biggest complaints we hear from customers – and also have ourselves – is how quickly coils burn out. How do you know if your coil is burnt? Oh, you will know! The taste is horrible, and it can downright hurt to take a hit with a burnt coil.

So, how can someone get a little longer life on those darn coils, you ask? (Skip to the very end for specific info on RDA use.)

But first, a safety note: Remove your tank from your mod when you change coils. You don’t want to accidentally get juice all over your mod. And while the tank is off, it is a good idea to wash it out and dry thoroughly before installing a new coil. It is also good to wipe your mod clean with a dry cloth, paying extra attention to where the tank screws onto it.

  1. Don’t over-vape. 

Probably the most common cause of premature coil burning is over-vaping. If you find yourself taking several hits, one after another after another, then you also likely find that your coils are not lasting. It is important that you give your coils a chance to re-wick the juice between hits. It only takes about 20 seconds, but that little bit of time can make a difference. And even with this little bit of wait time, it is still important to set the vape down (gasp!) for a few minutes after every few hits. Pro tip – if you notice that the flavor is diminished, it could mean your wick is about to run dry. Set down the vape and go do something else for about 10 minutes.

2. Give your new coil a chance to wick. 

Speaking of wicking, too often we are anxious for that first hit off a new coil. Oh the flavor, the cloud, it calls us, tempts us! But avoid that temptation when using a new coil. Prime it (or not), fill your tank, and then wait 5 to 10 minutes – the longer you wait, the better (especially if you don’t prime). That cotton wick in the coil needs a chance to get completely soaked in juice. If you hit too soon, your coil may easily burn and you just wasted a brand new coil. To help get the juice all through the cotton, puff on the device a few times WITHOUT hitting the fire button. Actually, it’s a good idea to do that periodically, anyway.

3. Don’t chain vape. 

If you are chain vaping, ask yourself, “Why?” Are you not getting that nicotine hit you need to satisfy? Perhaps a higher nic level is in order. Are you just so into that flavor that you can’t help yourself? Perhaps it’s time to invest in a second device, so you can alternate hits between two units.  Sometimes a simple adjustment in airflow will also help, giving you more satisfaction and a draw that suits you better.

4. Prevent accidental firing and changes in your settings by turning your vape device off. 

This should go without saying, but when you are not using your device, turn it OFF. Especially if you are putting it in your pocket or a purse. Many a coil has been ruined due to accidentally hitting that fire button. This will also help prevent your settings from being changed while in your pocket or purse. Again, many coils have been ruined because somehow the settings got changed and you tried to take a hit when your wattage was maxed out. Yuck!

5. Set your wattage to what the coils says. 

Again, this should go without saying, but run your device based on the wattage the coil is designed to run at. Too low and it won’t even fire. Too high, and burnt coil! This information is usually found right on the coils – often with a range, and also often with a best range. It’s often tiny, so a magnifying glass or jeweler’s loupe can help you read it. The information is also often found on the box the coils come in.

6. Start low and build up. 

When first using a new coil, set your wattage at the lowest recommended setting. After a few hits, you can then start going up incrementally (I usually go up by about 5 watts or so at a time) until you have it set where you like it. Doing this may also help prevent spitting and popping.

7. Use a lower wattage. 

I know, I know, many of us like those nice warm hits. But the higher you run it, the faster that coil will burn.

8. Refill your tank sooner. 

Don’t let the level of juice in your tank get below the wick holes. Better yet, keep the juice level above the top of the wick holes. And never let your tank run dry.

9. Don’t hit the fire button without taking a puff. 

Really, this just puts unnecessary wear on the coil. I know, sometimes it is necessary do so, like when your vape device is cold and tends to pop until it warms up. Just do it only if necessary.

10. Take shorter hits.  

Taking long, hard puffs will just dry out your wick faster. Easy does it!

11. And finally, juice matters. 

What you put in your tank determines how long that coil lasts. If you tend to go for the sweet, sugary fruit flavors, expect your coil to burn out faster – most fruit flavors are also acidic, which causes coils to burn. And remember, juices higher in VG (vegetable glycerin) tend to burn coils out faster. VG is actually used as a sugar substitute, which is why it is so sweet. And like sugar, it caramelizes when it gets hot, and burns easily at high temperatures. Most e-liquid out there is a 70/30 blend, meaning it is 70% VG and 30% PG (propylene glycol). There are some blends with less VG, such as the Apollo 50/50 that we carry. Also, while you can change flavors from one fill to the next on the same coil, keep in mind that doing it too much will make your juice flavor get muddled and not taste so great. If you can, it’s best to either stick to the same flavor throughout the coil’s life, or use similar flavors. For example, I often alternate between a mango flavor and a peach flavor. The two flavors complement each other nicely without becoming muddied.


Keep in mind also that you really can’t go by time/days as to how long your coils last. The real question to ask is, how much juice can I go through?  And of course remember what coil you use, and how you vape, has the biggest impact on how long your coil lasts.


If you are using an RDA or RDTA, your coils should last a very long time. The most important thing you can do for your coils is keep them clean!  Every time you change out your cotton, clean your coil wires before putting fresh cotton in. Do this by dry firing the coils (after you’ve removed the cotton, of course) until they glow red, about 10 seconds at a time. Do this a few times until most of the gunk is gone. After cooled, you can knock off any remaining gunk using a coil brush. Then re-wick your coils, and you are good to go. Also, change your cotton out often for best flavor. And remember safety first! – Turn your device OFF when removing and replacing the cotton, so you don’t accidentally fire your device.