“Every cloud has a silver lining.”

We offer a full selection of vape supplies in Sweet Home, OR. We carry ejuice, mods, tanks & RDAs, complete kits, and more.

Located at 150 Main St. Sweet Home Oregon

Phone 541-367-0279


Sunday – CLOSED

Monday – 10am to 7pm

Tuesday – CLOSED

Wednesday through Saturday –  10am to 7pm


While this COVID-19 situation is ongoing, we will be taking extra precautions:

1) Only 1 customer in store at a time. This allows everyone to maintain social distancing, and gives us a chance to clean/sanitize all surfaces touched between customers. So, if you see someone is already inside, please wait until they leave before entering.

2) Being older adults, both with underlying health concerns, we ask that if you are ill (coughing and/or sneezing, or running a fever) or are in close contact with someone who is ill, please do not come in. And if you have been in contact with anyone who may have or been exposed to COVID-19, please stay home.

3) We are being extra-conscientious about cleanliness right now. After every customer, we are wiping down all hard surfaces, including counters and doorknobs, using Clorox solution. We are washing our hands in between customers, and also using hand sanitizer as needed.

Thank you for helping us remain healthy, and keeping exposure down for all of us in Sweet Home.


Per the FDA, ALL FLAVORED PREFILLED PODS (i.e. JUUL and compatible pods, Freecool pods, etc.), other than tobacco flavors, ARE NO LONGER LEGAL TO BUY OR SELL IN THE USA. Sorry folks! 

For more information: https://www.fda.gov/media/133880/download


Oregon Senate bill to ban flavored vaping products dead after revenue concerns

A small victory, but note that Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson (the sponsor of the vape ban bills) doesn’t sound like she is done with us vapers yet. Also, what the Oregon legislature does going forward may well hinge on whether or not they get their vape tax passed by voters in November. Sadly, this may be the only way to back them off entirely – we all know how much government loves our dollars. Also, it looks like they may require vape shops to be specially licensed to operate. That we can deal with, as long as they are reasonable about it.



Ask for your Silver Lining Vape Shop customer loyalty card today! Get your card stamped for each bottle of juice you buy at regular price. When your card has 4 stamps, you will receive your 5th bottle at half price.

When visiting the Pacific Northwest, be sure to stop by for your vaping needs. We are located in the town of Sweet Home OR, home of the Oregon Jamboree and the beautiful Foster Lake.