It’s a new month, which means it’s time for…. (drumroll)….. NEW FLAVORS!

First up: SoHo – A mouth-watering mixture of ripe huckleberry and blueberry coupled with subtle undertones of luscious honeydew and watermelon.

Plus two flavors from Black Ops:
* Green Beret – a delicious plum custard
* Force Recon – an amazing blend of blueberry and pomegranate

Next, we have Apple Pie from Kilo. “Crispy fried, caramelized apples, bathed in sweet ground cinnamon, it is stuffed into a decadent flaky piecrust, and finally baked to perfection. Every breath is filled with delightful cinnamon apples, with the apples hitting primarily on the inhale, and creamy flakiness from the crust hitting the exhale; this flavor is fresh out of the oven to cool on the windowsill. “

There have been more and more requests for custard flavors, so in addition to the plum custard (see Green Beret, above), we are also introducing Vanilla Custard from Grimm Creations. It’s smooth, rich and creamy; perfect for all-day vaping.

There’s a new RY4 on the block – Godfather from Faded Vapes. The perfect balance of tobacco, sweet caramel and creamy vanilla custard.

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